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What I offer

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Therapy & Coaching

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You are precious

Open studio with children

It is a place where children can come to rest, find themselves again, process and reflect on things, and emerge from it strengthened and refreshed.

I love working with my young clients. I admire their wisdom and energy. Together we create a transformative flow experience.

Contact me for my proven open studio concept for your organization/school/NGO.

What I offer

10 meters Dream Analyses

A Creative Workshop

I developed a powerful tool to dive into our subconscious and the fascinating and enriching world of our dreams and emerge with new perspectives, calmer and stronger.

Contact me today for a workshop for small groups that enhances creativity and cohesion – and in a playful way!

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What my clients say

Happy Clients' Testimonials

Collecting success stories of my clients is my biggest inspiration and happiness.

Es ist als würde ich dadurch zu meinem tieferen Ich kommen…
Claude W.
Dankeschön, für deine bestärkenden Worte. Ohne dich, dein Vorbild, die Inspiration, deine Geduld, Lösungsansätze, Erfahrungen, die du mit mir geteilt hast, den geborgenen Raum in dem ich mich ausdrücken durfte, wären meine downs wesentlich tiefer und die ups bestimmt weniger hell und bewusst.
4. June 2023

Dream work by zoom with @katarina_fernanda_arttherapy . We both brought a trilogy of dreams each. Dreamed before the #fullmoon 🌕.…

23. May 2023

A very special place. And a great article by @vorozhtsovaanastasia With a quote from me about the transformative effect of…

8. May 2023

Ideally, art therapy feels like an open door to a hidden place where you can find your treasures. #arttherapy #arttherapyvienna…

28. April 2023

Somatic relief - a deep hip opening yin yoga session composed for my client - release of build-up emotions #yinyoga…

23. March 2023

#thalia #facultas #maudrichverlag #kunsttherapie #arttherapy #book #newedition

7. March 2023

New edition Just arrived #newedition #arttherapy #kunsttherapie #facultas #maudrichverlag #book