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Do you feel overwhelmed, are you looking for clarity? Are you ready to live from your audacity?

I provide creative workshops for NGOs, companies, schools and start-ups;
open studio for children
and individual art therapy sessions.

Clarity and transformation for you is my goal.
My focus in everything is on joy and growth.

I offer art therapy in German and English.

My art therapy workshops for groups are designed to integrate intense experiences

Not only are we all just recovering from the pandemic, we are now dealing with pre-apocalyptic times, with the threat of war – and how does that affect our subconscious, our dreams?
And is it possible to gain insights from this research and even come out of it stronger?
And in a playful way that promotes creativity and cohesion? I plead for a yes.

Dream Visions

This workshop brings possibility to a boil, alchemizing dreams and nightmares into useful tools to fix the horizon for a great, wide future.

Give yourself the mental space to meander through your imagination. Even the most outrageous ideas captured in your mind’s eye can serve as a blueprint for your next best chapter.

Open Studio

This is a space created for children and youth.

My open studio, which I’ve also had the privilege of successfully implementing over the past few years, is a place where children can come to rest, find themselves again, process and reflect on things, and emerge empowered, refreshed and with new perspectives.


Art therapy is a form of therapy that uses art materials as a form of expression and the creation as a means of communication.

Art therapy is beneficial for everyone, everyone who strives for a deeper understanding of himself and his life; for everyone who finds himself in a process of crisis or transformation.

In a first art therapy session we will evaluate expectations, hopes and fears concerning the therapy; the topics, problems and wishes which led you here.

Further we will discuss the general conditions – fee, appointment, terms of payment. And, of course, the methods and the media of art therapy will be introduced and experienced.

It is very important to me that each of my little clients feels seen. My job is to create an atmosphere where the children trust me, where they can just be and show themselves as they are. Depending on the child’s needs, I offer them appropriate materials: Watercolors, tempera paints, colored pencils, oil pastels, plasticine, …. Each material allows a different form of expression, each pencil, each color is a language. In this atmosphere of joyful concentration, it is possible to process and integrate experiences, and authentic creations can emerge.


Absolutely. All I need is a suitable room and we are good to go.

Not necessarily.
Dreams are simply a fantastic access to our subconscious – and thus to the topic that is currently topical in our lives. But sometimes all that remains is a vague feeling, a snippet of a dream of the night. And if you can’t remember your dreams, I have other ways to go deep.

As always in art therapy, the goal is to move into action. To make the unconscious accessible and connect it with the conscious.
You are the creator of your life. Your dreams want to help you gain clarity. And even in nightmares, you can unearth treasures. It’s a beautiful, empowering feeling to turn fear into clarity.

The Dream Vison workshop is a great format for groups. Synergy effects come into play in an enriching way.

There is nothing more healing than this intoxicating state of presence.

For powerful transformation

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